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Cruisin' for Causes isn't a business or a group. We are a community. We are a community of like minded people who want to use our cars as a resource to give back and contribute to our local communities. Have it be a lowkey car meet to raise money for a local charity, or putting on free car shows to collect for a toy drive.


We partner with multiple certified 501(c)3 charity organizations. This way the middle man is cut out, so you can donate directly to the organization, and you can receive your tax deductible donation receipt from them.


Some Highlights From Our Last Event!

We partnered with Arvada Police and Arvada fire to bring the community together to gather donations for two very cool programs the departments have. The PD collected stuffed animals to carry in their units to comfort children involved in a call. We filled up their entire VW Beetle, along with an entire pickup bed and back seat with stuffed animals! FD collected toys, clothes, and other necessities for Operation Santa, which helps families in need have an enjoyable holiday season, no matter what. We filled an entire pickup bed, along with an SUV trunk and back seat with everything!

Congrats to Muff Davis and his 2016 Bentley Continental GT for winning our Car of the Month Contest for the month of February!

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